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More Autumn Colors to Share/Muffins too!

Aren’t these gorgeous!

I have no idea what plant this is but the colors were just amazing. Hopefully the photo does it justice on your computer.


I never get tired of looking at Mountain Ash! What an incredible orange color.


Silvery Splendour!


Little daisies, holding their own.


Touches of red in the shiny green ivy.


And the muffins?

This recipe has been getting a lot of hits this past week: Cheddar Cheese muffins. Great with soups, stew, chili. 🙂


Simple Pleasures: Autumn’s Bountiful Harvest

One of my favorite simple pleasures of Autumn.

The harvest of tree fruits and root vegetables, now at their flavorful peak. Including of course, crisp and delicious fall apples.

These BC Gala apples are so good to eat fresh or to add to a favorite recipe.

And don’t they make a lovely (albeit photo) still life to behold?

 One of my favorite apple recipes from Not Just for Vegetarians is: Curried Apple Soup(click for recipe).

Tangy, satisfying and a great choice for any fall supper.

What is your favorite apple variety/recipe?

Happy Cooking and Happy Autumn! (it’s almost here)

Don’t forget to savor the simple pleasures, every day!   🙂