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Longing for Spring!

151Spring Fever has arrived earlier than usual!

We are having a very mild winter here on Vancouver Island but I’m still craving spring in a big way.

Can’t you just smell these lilacs? 😊

PS: On an unrelated topic, is the new, “improved” WP editor driving you crazy?

Why they keep changing things here that were working just fine, I do not know. This simple post is taking way too long to complete and is not formatted as I would have liked. I just didn’t have time to keep resetting paragraphs, color, bolding….

WordPress…IF IT Ain’t Broke, Don’t ” Fix” It!!!


Another Spring Fever Post!

orange tulip

I ♥ tulips!

And there’s nothing like the first tulips unfurling, to show that spring has truly arrived. 

Until that happens, hope you enjoy this beauty from my floral photo archives.

Spring…bring it on! 😉

PS: Any signs of spring yet where you are? 


Got Spring Fever?


I do and in a big way!

I changed my header and background today to a more ‘spring-like’ look but that only helped a little bit. 😉

But the temps. are warming up here and sunshine is on the way.

It’s a little too early for “real” spring, but I’ll take it anyways!

Happy Mid-Week! 🙂


Cabin Fever in January!

spring, bring it on!

It’s only January and I’ve already got a serious case of CABIN/SPRING FEVER!

Has this been a long winter already or is it just me? 😦


Bring it on and the sooner the better. 🙂

How’s your weather?


A Nod and a Wink to Early Spring


It’s coming.

The quickening pace.

Fragrance of the still frozen, yet warming soil.

The underground network of…

Vines, forgotten seeds and satiny bulbs: wait.

Wait, for the soft touch of the Sun-fairy’s magic wand.

Shifts everywhere.

The horizon, the sun.

Birds return.

Water rises.

Animals venture out.

Earth awakens slowly. 

The promise: again renewed.

Life sustained.

As we wait for and anticipate.

The joyful arrival of  spring.


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