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Happy (almost!) Spring and…

Spring fever has already hit this year!

I can’t wait….how about you??

I hope it’s a magical season for all of you.


Also, please note new address for my review blog:

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Haiku Reflections: Spring IS On the Way!

spring IS on the way haiku

We had a glorious, sunny day yesterday, here in Interior BC.

Joe and I took some time off from work/chores/to-do-lists and decided to take a LONG walk.

We ended up down at our lake shore, sitting in the sun, soaking up some rays and good energy. 🙂

It felt so good to have sun on my face again and to see a really clear, blue sky, 🙂 after too many weeks of dark cloudy days. 😦

Spring really IS on the way here.

How about where you are? Any signs of spring? 

Have a wonderful week!  


PS from February 2012: This post from 2009, has been getting daily hits in recent weeks so I thought I’d try the WP reblog feature again. This was my first attempt at Tanka poetry. Waiting for the big thaw to begin! Happy Spring. It’s on the way. 🙂

My Poetic Path


This is my first attempt at Tanka  poetry. I hope I followed all the “rules” LOL.

Wishing you are all a wonderful day and here’s hoping that spring is arriving where you are. What a renewing time of year! 🙂

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