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Revisiting Some Favorite Summer Photos


Even the photo makes me feel calm!😉

56f76-mayinnelson2011023My Poetic Path (a favorite place to knit too!)

sunflowerSunflowers ALWAYS Make Me Smile!

sky photo 2 august 13A Gorgeous Summer Sky!


Chicory in the Sun

rainy june nelson 2011 012

After the Rain, the Flowers Refreshed

happy sunny weekend

It’s A Long Weekend, Here in BC.

Wishing You  a Happy Week Too!😊


A Feast of Flowers at Summer’s End….

Autumn will soon arrive, my fav season. 🙂

But the end of summer always seems a bit sad too. 😦

Hope you enjoy this “feast” of flowers, from my photo archives.

That’s what I DO miss when summer passes; all those glorious colors.

Have a wonderful week!!!

 for flower collage 2

Anyone know the name of these???

red flowers

Glorious Red Blooms!

July 1, 11 Nelson park pics 017

The Perfection of a Rose


Chicory in the Sun


Daisies: I Their Little Smiling Faces! 

August 11 Nelson pics 020

Velvety Red Petunia

for flower collage 7

A “Carpet” of Dazzling Blue

rainy june nelson 2011 012

Delicate Beauty in the Rain


Hello Again and A Summer Haiku :-)


I can’t believe it’s almost September, can you? 😉

The summer has just flown by for me.

I’m still busy with some summer commitments and activities but hope to be back to regular blogging in the next couple of weeks. 

I hope you have had a wonderful summer so far and it’s not quite over yet, is it?

How has your weather been?

Thankfully, the temps. have finally cooled down, here in BC. It’s been a VERY hot, dry summer with too many forest fires reeking havoc. 😦

See You Soon and Have A Wonderful Week!!! G


A Summer Haiku and So Long for Now…


I’m taking a blog break for the next few weeks.

Plan to spend more time outside and to work on several projects in progress too.

You can read more about what me AND Mr. Cheddar are working on here. 😉

I wish all my readers a happy, healthy and memorable summer. May it be your best one ever! 🙂

I’ll be back to blogging before autumn, hope to see you then.

♥ Lots of Hugs and Happy Father’s Day too! ♥


Three Haiku Poems on the Cusp of Summer


bike haiku

shell photo sandy carlson

Summer has certainly been “in the air” here in BC, in the past couple of weeks.

We reached 34C, one day last week and more warm weather is apparently on the way, very soon.

Right now we are having a bit of a cool spell, with rain and that’s welcome too. 🙂 Takes care of all the dust!

Hope you enjoy these three summer haiku/haiga from the archives, celebrating all things to come. It’s going to be a good summer, I just know it! 😉

Have a Wonderful Week! 


Summer Thoughts and Wishes, On My Mind….

summer wishes haiku

Are you thinking about summer yet? I am! 😉

Lots of good things on the go here and a really pleasant summer coming up, if all goes as planned. 
Hope you enjoy this summer wishes haiku/haiga from the archives! 🙂
Have a lovely day, G 


Haiku Reflections: Thoughts on a Windy Day

hunch brought to mind

We get very little wind, here in Interior BC. This past Monday around noon was an exception.

I stepped out on our back porch to take a photo of these amazing clouds.

The wind was strong and fresh. It felt so freeing that it made me smile. 🙂 

It also brought some good thoughts to mind, including a hunch I had been pondering.

A moment in time I’ll enjoy bringing to mind again!


Created for the August 11th Woven Dreams prompt: HUNCH

Also submitted for the WP Weekly Photo Challenge: CAREFREE

Hunch: “an intuitive reckoning”

One of many definitions of this word from Wikipedia