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🍁Happy (Canadian)Thanksgiving!🍁

Encore sentiments, from my other WP blog.

❤Happy weekend, wherever you may be!❤



It’s Thanksgiving weekend, here in Canada.

🌼I have much to be grateful for.🌼

This holiday just makes me think about those people (past and present) and things, even more than usual.😊

I think it’s a great idea to start the day, with a gratitude list. I try to do that, every day. Sets a positive tone for the rest of the day too.

🌹What are you most grateful for?🌹

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Happy Thanksgiving from Me and Mr. Cheddar :-)

 Happy Thanksgiving from me and Mr. Cheddar! 🙂


It’s Thanksgiving weekend, here in Canada! 

Mr. Cheddar and I are both grateful for so many things.

Here are a few from our gratitude and catitude lists, 😉


-For everyone I have loved and those who have loved me in return.

-To be living in a country at peace.

For the fabulous felines (including Mr. Cheddar, Mitzi, Lois, Tasha, Prince Porkie…) who have shared my journey.

-My talents and abilities.

-My good health and good energy.

-The beauty in nature: clean water, beautiful birds, plants, trees, blue skies, the changing weather.

-The simple pleasures like: reading a good book, knitting, blogging, cooking, walking.

and so much more….



-Lots of kibble and treats in the cupboard, at ALL TIMES!

-Waking up Meowmie and Pawmie at the crack of dawn.

-Groom-groom day (Sunday), how I love to be groomed!

-Catching a nice…

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Simple Pleasures: Gratitude



10 simple pleasures that I am grateful for (in no particular order)

*  To live in a place where four distinct seasons can be enjoyed.

*  To be able to read a good book, with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket.

*  To create a new recipe that turns out great, the first time.

*  To walk through freshly-fallen snow, before anyone else has.

*  To feel the warmth of sunlight on my face.

*  To share a really good, long, loud laugh.

*  To find the perfect word or phrase, when I am writing a poem or story.

*  To feel younger than my years.

* To feel that something I contributed made a real difference.

* Most of all (and this is a biggie) to know that the best person I have ever met loves… ME!


Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt: Grateful.

 I am enjoying reading so many gratitude lists around the blogs. It is good to focus on what we are blessed with, isn’t it?

Wishing my friends in the U.S.A. a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  🙂