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Lots of L-O-V-E and Some Valentine Treats! :-)

love hearts

First, some Valentine cyber-sweets! 😉
And, if you like Craig Ferguson (I ♥ Craigie!!!) you are in for a real treat and a good LOL. 😉
Singing L-O-V-E from the movie Born Romantic, here’s Craigeeeeee:


(click to sing and dance along)
Hope you have had a l-o-v-e-l-y Valentine’s day!



The Look of Love…..for Valentine’s Day :<)

My all-time fav rendition of this gorgeous, romantic song:

The Look of Love:  Diana Krall.

(click to play)


Happy Valentine’s Day ! 🙂


Remember to hug everyone you love today (pets too!)

Photo courtesy of Flickr


Haiku Reflections: Endless Love




PS: If you are looking for a personal and oh so yummy gift to make this Valentine’s Day; you might also enjoy this post over at Take A Happy Break. 

Nothing says love, quite like chocolate! ♥ Homemade… even better.  😉

Also submitted for the OSI  prompt: Vital


Happy Valentine’s Day!



Delicate beauty….


Brilliant passionate hue.


Droplets of tears.


Drawing near to us.


The sweet scents of summer.



The bleeding hearts.


Capturing the essence of beginnings.


Possibilities to ponder.


Nature and self, to renew.



Fragile and fleeting beauty.


As with all hearts.


Brought to fruition by the deep, warm blood.


Slowly seeping;


to nourish and sustain.



The bleeding hearts.


Perfectly framed in tender green.


Captured for the moment.


Once again we savor;


their timely, graceful charms.




The Bleeding Hearts © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman




PS: This is a post from the MPP archives. I thought it was worthy of an encore on this special day. Here’s the link to the original posting, in case you missed this one previously and  want to read the comments left at that time. Sending best wishes and lots of hugs to all my wonderful blog friends.    🙂


Celebrating LOVE!

I have always thought that February 14th should be a stat. holiday. In Canada, in most provinces, there are no holidays between Christmas and Easter. A very long haul when the weather is cold and the days are short. Is love not worthy of a day to celebrate and focus on?

I would like to send out my very best wishes to all my readers for a love-filled week and many, many hugs. We need to dwell on the positive vibes of goodness, understanding and true friendship more often instead of all the doom and gloom. Perhaps a bit more romance?  I know I do anyways.

Group hug anyone?   😉


PS: What could be more romantic than a treasured love poem?

Enjoy the E.B.Browning classic that has withstood the test of time: How Do I Love Thee. Words and emotions to savor, again and again. Always brings tears to my eyes.

Photo courtesy of: Flickr