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Waiting for the First Snow: A Tau-Ku Poem

Waiting for the first snow.

White skies.

A longing: returning each Fall.


I snow. Especially the first snowfall of the year.

So fresh, clean and white. So many good memories brought to mind too.

We had so much snow on the Canadian Prairies when I was growing up.

Here in BC, not nearly as much now but still lovely to see, to walk in, to breathe the clean air.

Are you waiting for snow too?

Happy Week! 🙂


Waiting for the Snow….



…only a sprinkle here so far. 😦 

Any snow where you are?

This is “borrowed Maryland snow” seen above from a previous Haiku Reflections post. Thanks again Ruinwen.

Have a wonderful weekend!


PS: Is anyone else having problems with the new linking system WP has switched to? I can’t get it to work so far…


December 1st: Where’s the Snow?

I know this is BC (not the Prairies where I was born) and I know the weather is suppose to be milder out here, than in other parts of the country; that’s the way it’s always been.

But is it normal at the beginning of December to have berries and apples still perfectly intact, on trees and bushes? Is it normal to have windows wide open (at 11pm last night) and the heat off? Is it normal to have little or no precipitation, for weeks at a time? I think not.

I hear so many people commenting on the “lovely weather” and to “keep it coming”. Hearing comments like these, makes me cringe. These are all harbingers of things to come that will be not only anything but lovely and perhaps/likely to be devastating, throughout the world.

When will the politicians start to heed the warnings? The “regular folk” can only do their share to turn this around before it is too late. But we can’t do it all.

What are your thoughts on where this is all leading us too? What effects of global warming have your noted in your area, that truly alarm you?

I love this photo but not the dangers that it also represents.