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Craving Snow?


yearning haiku

A nice light “dusting” will do .😊

It’s been raining on and off, for days, here on Vancouver Island.

🎄 A White Christmas would be so nice!🎄

This photo and haiku is from years ago, when we lived in Interior BC. 

How has your weather been?

Are you expecting a White Christmas?


Holiday Haiku!

christmas ornament

Christmas lights twinkle.

The Skater’s Waltz. A Swan Dive.

Snow softly falling.


Christmas Eve, midnight.

The choir singing far above.

Soon, gifts and giggles!


A new year begins.

Fresh palette, possibilities.

Raise a glass of cheer!



Haiku Reflections ii front cover

These haiku poems are from my new haiku book: Haiku Reflections II.

The eBook will be available as a free Kindle download at Amazon on Sunday, December 8th.


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Happy Holidays! 🙂


Winter Sneak Peek from Haiku Reflections II




Feeling your presence.

Velvet rose, good-time clothes.

Winter memories.


Saturday morning.

Croissants and coffee in bed.

Plum jam, with kisses!


Mittens on a string.

Bundling up the little ones.

First day at the rink.


Haiku Reflections II is now available in print and Kindle versions, over at Amazon!

Haiku Reflections ii front cover

I’m so happy to have this latest book completed and happy how it turned out too.

Even have my first review over at Amazon already, woohoo…thanks L! 🙂 

I’ve shared a sneak peek from the Winter section of the book, above.

Winter can be a tough time for all of us. But I hope that these poems bring to mind, some of the magic of this upcoming season.


Happy Weekend (and Black Friday Shopping!) to All. 🙂


Haiku Reflections: Snowball Days!

snowball haiku

We had a bit of snow overnight, here in Interior BC.

Brought to mind this haiku and all the fun of winter days as a child. 

I still love snow and winter (except the driving) that hasn’t changed. 😉

Thanks to everyone who sent along good wishes last week as I recovered from a cold; all appreciated. 🙂 I’m feeling better today but still not very energetic. 😦

How is your weather? Any snow?

Happy Week to All! 🙂

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Haiku Reflections: A Late Winter Scene


I always love the look of berries set against the white background/canvas of snow.

It feels like spring is already on the way.



Haiku Reflections: Fleeting Winter


Winter in all it’s beauty and glory, did not arrive here in Interior BC, this year. The dryness and just a smattering  of precipitation during the past few months has been distressing.

My sincere thanks to dear Ruinwen for sharing some of her lovely snow pics, one featured above.

Treasure the magic of a winter wonderland (if you have one to enjoy where you are) it’s so hard to see it disappear and all that implies.

On a completely different topic, do stop by Veggies… today for a new Cranberry Wheatgerm muffin recipe/post. 🙂

 I  also have time to do some blog-visiting today, see you soon.


A Winter Haiku Encore


winter haiku to print june


This haiku poem/photo has been consistently at the top of my stats, for the past couple of weeks. There must be quite a few people out there, waiting for snow. I know I am! We’ve just had a sprinkle and quick meltdown, so far.

 Hope you enjoy the encore!

Here’s the link to the original post, including reader’s comments.

Have you had snow yet? I hope you’ll be sharing the photos. 🙂