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Haiku Reflections: A Walk in the Rain

for rainy days post

A haiku and photo I shared at my blog: Take A Happy Break (no longer active) a while back.

Thought it was perfect for this upcoming Sunday’s  prompt:

Rainy Days


over at Woven Dreams. 


This will be the last week for prompts at Woven Dreams. 😦

 I just don’t have time to host 4 blogs, with all my other current pursuits.

I’ll be keeping: Veggies, Yarns & Tails, My Poetic Path and My Real Life Reviews going though! 😉

Hosting and participating at Woven Dreams has been a real pleasure.

Thanks to everyone who participated each week.

I REALLY   reading all your posts each week!


Also sharing with the Festival of Flowers.

Share your summer floral photos; come join us! 🙂

Happy Weekend to All.


When In Doubt….

love hearts

When life is hard. 

To resolve. 

To stand firm. 

In our convictions and our decisions. 

Becomes a daunting task . 


When life is easy. 

The confidence flows. 

Our minds are clear. 

No negative, nagging doubts to hold us back. 

Resolve comes smoothly and without;

the draining , regretful glance of the past.



Without them. 

Nothing moves. 

Stagnation forms a thick, suffocating film. 

Shrouding us in darkness. 

Watching in despair as; 

the Good Life happens to someone else.


To find balance. 

That happy medium of: 

Caution not fear. 

Patience not immobility. 

Always to strive for. 

Always to search for. 

A precious and significant reward. 

Worthy of the journey. 

The casting aside of our fears.



The promise of… 

cutting through delays . 

No more wasted days. 

Drawing our line in the sand. 

Savoring each experience. 

A leap of faith.




Not,maybe so.


To resolve: 







my decisions. 


Also created for the August 18th Woven Dreams prompt:


This is a poem from my 2008 archives which I revised a bit for today’s post.

I thought it was worthy of an encore.

It rang true for me, again today. Hope it does for you too. 🙂

Photo courtesy of Flickr











Haiku Reflections: Thoughts on a Windy Day

hunch brought to mind

We get very little wind, here in Interior BC. This past Monday around noon was an exception.

I stepped out on our back porch to take a photo of these amazing clouds.

The wind was strong and fresh. It felt so freeing that it made me smile. 🙂 

It also brought some good thoughts to mind, including a hunch I had been pondering.

A moment in time I’ll enjoy bringing to mind again!


Created for the August 11th Woven Dreams prompt: HUNCH

Also submitted for the WP Weekly Photo Challenge: CAREFREE

Hunch: “an intuitive reckoning”

One of many definitions of this word from Wikipedia


Haiku Reflections: Whispers from the Past

bike haiku

Created for the June 30th Woven Dreams prompt: WHISPER


Scented Recollections


Early summer.

That heady scent.

The lilac trees, bursting with blooms.

I stop on the top step before heading to school.

To breathe in the sight and smell.


Exhibition week.

Walking through the fairgrounds.

Clinging to a large pink bear.

My dad and I stop for candy floss.

Popcorn and corn dogs, permeate the air.


Campfire burning.

We gather ‘round.

Another chorus of the old tunes.

Listening to ghosts stories.

While marshmallows burn on birch twigs.


Christmas at Grandma’s

Relatives from near and far.

Gather at the candlelit, festive table.

Savoring all kinds of tasty treats.

From the kitchen, a waft of apple pie.


Santa Monica beach

The ocean looms larger than expected.

The furious waves.

Wall of water.

Salt, warm sand and French fries.


Last glance in the mirror.

Still avoiding what I know is true, inevitable.

The eyes tell all and mirror the soul.

I touch pulse points with Obsession.

And think about, my current one.


Saying farewell but not goodbye.

Arranging the yellow roses I knew you’d love.

Feeling your hands guiding mine.

Sadness mingles with memories of happier times.

I breathe in the scent.

I remember yours.


Walking through the fresh snow.

Pine trees and crisp clean air.

Serene, breath-taking beauty.

A stop on the Riverdale Bridge.

Yukon dreams, on my mind.


Scented recollections.

Bringing back a time, a place, a moment.

Often more poignantly than words or photos.

Gathered through the years.

Recorded for all time.


Written for the June 23rd Woven Dreams prompt: Perfume








Fading Memories

fading memories
She sits in the diner, far from home.
Lunch rush over.
Blessed quiet restored.
It’s Tuesday, “her day”.
A crosstown bus ride, now a secret and special delight.
Away from the caring but claustrophobic family.
Still time to look back on happier days.
Trying to hold on to precious, fading memories.
The hours to savor, often still hopeful and good.
But too many others, a haze of uncertainty and doubt.
For now…
she will cautiously guard her fragile independence.
If only for a while longer.
Keeping them guessing.
Or so she hopes.
Where did the time go?
When did the children grow up to rise above her?
Knowing “what’s best”.
The mother becoming the child.
The child becoming the mother.
Trying to do their best.
Of that one thing, she is sure.
She grasps fervently and desperately to the time left.
To revel in these sacred moments alone.
Savoring her own thoughts.
Not willing to give up without a fight.
Or without a backward glance.
Her time alone brings other thoughts too.
The hard ones to contemplate.
Regrets for roads not taken.
Dreams not reached for.
Perhaps another knight in shining armour?
Now he will never find her.
Or can he, will he?
As she sits and waits.
She ponders the passing parade.
The hustle and bustle of a generation she will not embrace.
Again her mind wanders to the past.
All cannot be lost.
If she can hold on to that which she alone possesses.
For now, the diner is her refuge from that onslaught.
Time’s cruel and often insidious ways.
It marches on and waits for no one.
The owner looks over and smiles.
Another cup of tea, before she is on her way?
“Yes, thanks.”
After all, it’s just another Tuesday.
And tonight…
the bus will return, just a little late.
“Fading Memories” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman

Dedicated to all the people who are caring for elderly loved ones; tragically watching their memories fading away.

Sometimes we must face, a long, heart-breaking goodbye.


This is a poem that seems to have struck a chord with many people.

You can read the original post with comments here.

From the poetry collection: My Poetic Path.


Also, sharing one of my all-time fav Elvis songs for this week’s prompt:


This video includes some great photos from Elvis’ life.

Submitted for the June 9th Woven Dreams prompt: Memories

Photo courtesy of: Flickr 


The Miracle of Sleep…zzzzzzz!

classic ched 7

Mr. Cheddar really knows how to power-nap! 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m no stranger to lack of sleep or insomnia. 😦  A very common problem apparently.

Not only does insomnia rob us of feeling our best the next day, it also takes away the many, many benefits of what happens to our bodies while we sleep. 

Here is one of many articles online about the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

When I do have a poor sleep at night, I try to fit in a nap during the day.

Naps can also be beneficial, you can read more about that here, including some do’s and don’ts for naps.

Here’s to getting our nightly requirement of zzzzz’s! 😉

Also posted for the June 2nd Woven Dreams prompt: Insomnia.

PS: On a completely unrelated topic, is anyone else having problems with WordPress, when trying to changing font colors?

Example: I tried to change the text showing in grey above to black, several times (and I did save the draft) and it kept reverting to grey. This only happens on a sporadic basis but it’s a pain!  Why they have grey as a default font color, I will never understand. 😦