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Are You Yearning for Snow???


yearning haiku

I am! ;)

We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently, here in BC but just a bit of snow that melts before it hits the ground at lower elevations (where we are). 

This haiku and photo came to mind today, as I scanned the cloudy skies.

Any snow where you are?

Have a wonderful, magical weekend! :)


Trio – Michelle’s Weekly Pet


Isn’t this an adorable photo?

Sure made me smile as I browsed my WP reader this morning;, hope it does the same for you.

Thanks Becca and hugs to you and all your kitties! ;)

Becca has a LOT of cats! :)

Originally posted on "On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea":

michelle's weekly 63 - Trio

 Trio huddling to keep warm

Left to right
(Tabasco, Goldie and Shady)

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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Haiku Reflections II FREE Kindle Promo This Weekend! :-)

Haiku Reflections ii front cover


Haiku Reflections II

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If you enjoy haiku poetry and don’t have a copy of my second haiku collection yet, it will be available as a free kindle download this weekend at, .ca, .UK…..

I hope you’ll check out my other books/eBooks at Amazon too. ;) And do share this promotion if you can, thanks! 

If you do enjoy this or any of my other books, reviews are always appreciated. :)

Happy Reading and Have a Wonderful Weekend.

The sun is shining here in BC and I’m smiling. ;)


Three Haiku Poems on the Cusp of Winter


Pulling up the quilt.

Heavy snow, all through the night.

Winter on the way.


A chill in the air.

Wrapping my scarf, one more time.

Snowflakes from the sky.


A windy, cold night.

Branches strewn across the path.

Winter on the way.


PS: We had a bit of snow here in Interior BC, the past couple of days, but it’s melting now.

Winter IS on the way though.

Hope you enjoy these three haiku poems, on the cusp of this magical season to come. 

What is your weather doing? Any snow?

Have a wonderful week! :)


Trip Advisor and Their Policy Re: Censoring Reviews



As any of my regular readers already know, I’m an avid online reviewer, including at (I’m in the top 2000 reviewers there), at my 3 blogs and also at various commercial sites online.

I signed up at the site a while ago and wrote a few reviews there since then.

My questions re: their censoring reviews came up recently when I noted that my review of The Preserved Seed Restaurant in Nelson, BC which had been posted for several months on the Trip Advisor site, had now been removed.

What I ALSO noted at the same time was that all other negative reviews in a similar vein to the review I had written about this restaurant (they have more than one location) had also been removed. 

I was not able to find the original review I wrote as they have deleted it off their site and my profile but I was able to find the review I posted at Google about this restaurant, which is very similar in wording:

“If you support this restaurant you are supporting a cult. Do some research online (there is plenty to read) about the Twelve Tribes, the group that runs this place.
Former members have some very disturbing experiences to share about how this group treats their children, their views on women’s equality (or lack of in this case), minority groups, etc..
It’s very disheartening that in a place like Nelson known for it’s enlightened, caring population, that this establishment is still here.
If you care about where you spend your money, find out more. And look for another place to eat, there’s plenty to choose from in Nelson and without the negativity attached to them.”
I then contacted Trip Advisor about my review being removed and was told in no uncertain terms that they were: not able to disclose why my review was being removed and that their decision was final and would not be discussed further!! 
I’m curious whether anyone else reading this has had a similar experience with Trip Advisor?
If this is a regular occurrence on their site, what’s the point of reading reviews there?
If they aren’t flattering and positive reviews, are they all subject to their scrutiny and removal for any reason they decide upon? 
It is well-documented online that the group running these restaurants (which are now being called: The Yellow Deli) leave a lot to be desired and personally this is not a group I would want to give money or support to.
I found out about their background, after we had visited this restaurant. It is not a place I would ever go to again.
I would have liked to have been in the know BEFORE I had actually gone there and that is the reason why I wrote the review I did, at Trip Advisor. 
I want to support companies, businesses..etc, that I can feel good about, not ones like these. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of other consumers too.
***What are your thoughts on these kinds of sites censoring reviews? Do you think my review should have been left up for others to read at Trip Advisor? ***
PS: On a more positive note, ;) if you enjoy any of my reviews at and find them helpful (click to see all of my reviews here) please click the “helpful vote button” at the end of the review.
It helps my Amazon ratings and also makes my reviews more visible to all readers, as they move up the charts! ;) Thank you!
PSS: My apologies for the wonky spacing in this post, WP is acting up again.
In the draft copy, there is plenty of space showing between paragraphs!!! Grrrr…..



Movie Review: Matinee


matinee movie

If you enjoy humorous movies that showcase the 60’s (like I do!) you’ll want to check out my new review of:

Matinee, starring John Goodman.

I loved everything about this film. LOL funny from start to finish.

You can read my full review here.

Have you seen any really funny movies lately? Do share if you have. ;)

Can never have enough laughs, can we?

Have a great weekend!


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