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Haiku Reflections: Glossy Green Heads. Cold, Cold Lake

glossy green heads

The ducks and geese have not made an appearance at the lake shore here yet, too cold…brrr!

But how I love seeing these gorgeous birds when they do show up for a swim. ;)

This haiku is also featured in my poetry book/ebook: Haiku Reflections.

Happy Sunday! 


Nature Boy


***The story of how the song: Nature Boy, came to be a number 1 hit and the life of the man who wrote it, is one interesting tale. I was so glad I noted this on Freshly Pressed today. See my comment below too. ***

Originally posted on Pushing Ahead of the Dame:


Nature Boy (Nat King Cole).
Nature Boy (Nat King Cole, live).
Nature Boy (Bowie).
Nature Boy (Bowie and Massive Attack).

When I was young I dreamed of a boy searching for God. Now I am old and dream of God searching for a boy.

eden ahbez, 1977.

One spring night in Los Angeles in 1947, a strange man on a bicycle tried to go backstage at a Nat King Cole concert at the Lincoln Theater. Thwarted, he gave Cole’s manager Mort Ruby a soiled, rolled-up score which Ruby passed on to Cole, noting that it came from a man who, with his shoulder-length hair and tunic, resembled Jesus Christ.

Cole read the score, was taken with the song, began singing it live. As it played well with audiences, Cole wanted to record it but the “eden ahbez” on the score had no known address. After scouring the city, Capitol executives…

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A CD That ALWAYS Makes Me…. :-)

louis armstrong

You can read why I ♥ this CD by Louis Armstrong so much here.

It really is a wonderful CD, for so many reasons.

And I wasn’t even a Louis Armstrong fan before this! ;-)

Happy Listening (preview songs at Amazon via this review too) 


Rest Awhile


I included this poem at the beginning of my new book:

Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! 

Thought it was a good time to share it here again at My Poetic Path too.

I hope you enjoy it! :-)


PS: Does anyone know why WP removes line spacing when you reblog a post? This has happened to me more than once.

There are spaces in this poem for each stanza but when I reblogged it, they disappeared.

I couldn’t figure out how to add them back in, so they would stay in place.

Another WP quirk I guess. :-(

Originally posted on My Poetic Path:

Rest awhile.
Far from the struggles and strains of life.
Find that place and seal it in your heart.
To pause, retreat to.
Where grace always dwells.
Rest awhile.
Put back the smile.
Somewhere lost.
Now: softly, silently returned.
Rest awhile.
A beacon in the dark.
Sheltered, nurturing.
Safe and sublime.
Rest awhile.
Treasured moments.
Tranquil dawns.
May your tomorrows.
Outlive life’s storms.
“Rest Awhile” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman
Photo courtesy of: Flickr

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Ta-da!!!! My 6th Kindle Book is Now Available! :-)

laughing at the grim reaper cover

Laughing AT the Grim Reaper: Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well (click to view at Amazon)

Woohooo….hot off the press!!! 

My newest Ebook is now available at Amazon.

The print version will also be available in the next couple of days.


I’m really pleased how this book turned out. :)

It’s been a book that I’ve been thinking about and working on for several months.

All about aging well, embracing and celebrating whatever stage of life we are currently at.

And most of all, putting the Grim Reaper in his place.

 Letting him know, who IS calling the shots in our lives, right now. ;)

And laughing AT the Grim Reaper is always a good thing, don’t you agree?

Have a great weekend.





Busy, busy, busy….time for a short break!


taking a break...

Do I need a break…after the last few days I’ve had, glued to the computer!!!

I’m trying to finish a book/eBook project by this weekend.

I’ve been typing like mad here and all was going well until I came to saving files as a zip file, using Windows 8. :( It wouldn’t let me add photos to the file, for my Kindle version and I didn’t know what to try next.

Thankfully, I still had our “old” computer with Windows 7  available and that DID work!

Will explain more about this zip file conundrum at a later date. For now, I’m just glad I figured out a back-up plan. :)

I’ll be posting about my new book in the next few days.

Yahoooo…. the finish line is in sight! What a great feeling.  Can you relate? 

And to all the bloggers who have offered to help with my HTML ??? my sincere thanks!

Happy Weekend! :)


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