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Longing for Spring!

151Spring Fever has arrived earlier than usual!

We are having a very mild winter here on Vancouver Island but I’m still craving spring in a big way.

Can’t you just smell these lilacs? 😊

PS: On an unrelated topic, is the new, “improved” WP editor driving you crazy?

Why they keep changing things here that were working just fine, I do not know. This simple post is taking way too long to complete and is not formatted as I would have liked. I just didn’t have time to keep resetting paragraphs, color, bolding….

WordPress…IF IT Ain’t Broke, Don’t ” Fix” It!!!


Word of the Week: Productivity!

Mother Earth is getting rather productive right about now too.Β 

Spring, soon to appear. Can’t wait!!!

early spring

How IΒ β™₯ to feel productive! πŸ™‚

To have a really productive day, week, month

Wasting time bothers me, a lot!

A long time ago, a man I was involved with shared this quote with me, apparently credited to L. Ron Hubbard, of Scientology “fame”. I’m NOT a fan of Scientology but I did like this quote and I never forgot it:

“Production is the Basis of all Morale”

I don’t know about the ALL part but being productive is so energizing, when it comes to creative projects. Taking an ordinary or even bad day and turning it around for the better.

Another quote I like:

“Just begin, the inspiration will follow.”

This one shared by a famous Canadian painter I had the privilege to interview years ago.

Sometimes, we don’t feel like starting. I know that only too well. But the inspiration DOES follow.

Thebest way to begin, is, to begin” (my quote) and I think it’s oh, so true.

I’m working on my third cookbook: The Groovy Green Kitchen II, and I’ve made the end of February my deadline to finish!!! It’s been “in the works” for much too long already, but almost there. πŸ™‚

When we encourage and support each other, I believe it’s even easier to be productive.

I wish you all the best, with all your current, creative pursuits!

Positive vibes and energy, I β™₯Β it!

Have a great week! πŸ™‚